Step into the Symbiosis World - Know more about SSLA, Pune

Symbiosis school for liberal arts (SSLA) Pune college overview

As SET exam registrations are now open, here is a sneak-peek at the most unique college of modern times, Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts also known as, SSLA.

Why is SSLA a game-changer in modern times?

Liberal arts is rapidly becoming a popular topic of study around the world, particularly in communities and countries that have realised that a well-rounded education is about more than just getting a job. A liberal arts degree program includes everything that a standard B.A. or B.Sc. programme (Hons.) does, plus a lot more. This approach provides you with all of the technical and intellectual information you need to succeed in your chosen field of study. It simultaneously broadens one's knowledge while also strengthening a fundamental domain.

SSLA, Pune is a learning community that incorporates social justice and responsibility values as a fundamental component of an academic setting that promotes freedom of expression, respect, and self-reliance.

SSLA's guiding vision is to create an environment where all members are encouraged to engage in the learning process. We encourage critical inquiry, insightful contemplation, and vibrant conversation through innovative teaching, research, and community outreach programs.

Symbiosis UG admissions for 2023 has started, and SSLA offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts) Honours degree and a four-year Bachelor of Science (Liberal Arts) Honours degree. The major specialization chosen determines the degree conferred. The program closely resembles international Liberal Arts norms, in which students are exposed to a diverse range of learning opportunities while maintaining a strong foundation in their majors and minors.

SSLA strives to create and foster a collaborative environment that encourages exploration, inquiry, study, and analysis. We facilitate unique student-faculty interactions to engage in intellectual dialogue by encouraging students to confront, question, learn and reflect on what they study. In addition, the college promotes new pedagogies in a co-constructed classroom setting that promote active learning, whether through experiential activities or a variety of learning modalities, to engage students with various learning styles.

SSLA’s Mission

The mission of SSLA is to instill the 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' spirit (the world is one family) and contribute to the creation and diffusion of knowledge. The college aims to encourage a sense of national development and cross-cultural awareness among the students.

The students gain global competencies, enabling them to comply with the requirements of the industry. The programs aim to train the students as the leaders of tomorrow.

About the program

SSLA's program is based on internationally recognized models that have been extensively tailored to meet Indian academic and industry needs. Our curriculum allows students to choose from a variety of courses and majors, and minors across fields. Students who combine Biology and Economics will thrive in sectors such as Health Economics, Policy Making, and Pharmacare.

SSLA follows this idea and provides students with the option of pursuing a 4-year full-time Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts) Honors Degree or a 4-year full-time Bachelor of Science (Liberal Arts) Honors Degree over eight semesters (i.e., four years).


  • Economics, Business Studies, Media Studies, Sociology, English, Psychology, Political Science & Public Policy, Anthropology, Philosophy, and International Relations are just some of the subjects you can study.
  • The total intake of the program is 100, including international and special quota students.


SSLA Pune college faculty

The faculty members come with several years of experience, enhancing the student’s journey. It is essential to impart knowledge in the right way to help the students gain clarity in their career goals. The teachers go beyond the classrooms and help students develop knowledge and life skills.

All the teachers focus on preparing students for the real world. The corporate world prefers students from Symbiosis colleges because of their world-class knowledge. Many of the teachers have been rewarded and awarded for their excellence. International committees have recognized them.

Each teacher brings more than just knowledge from the books. Their experience shapes the future of many.

Placement and Package

The SSLA college offers placement opportunities that can enhance your career. They ensure you are ready for the industry and are clear about your goals.

The average package is between Rs.8 to 10 lakhs. In addition, the students are trained for interviews and are offered industry-relevant sessions hosted by experts before their professional endeavours.

The Liberal Arts program at SSLA focuses on a student's whole development, with equal emphasis on theory and practice. Problem-solving, adaptability, effective communication and multitasking are needed in the real world. The student will be qualified for practically any job field due to the program's diverse multidisciplinary nature.

The SSLA Career Cell bridges the gap between interested firms looking for potential talent and students eager to take the first step on their career ladder. The Cell comprises the Director, two permanent faculty members, and three student representatives. As internship and placement opportunities, students have access to diverse sectors of the industry.

An internship is required because SSLA feels that early exposure to work situations is beneficial to a student's overall development. SSLA is not a job placement service. On the other hand, the team engages with and forms links with various industry participants to assist students in finding the proper employment at the end of their four-year degree. They also organise interactive workshops to give attendees an overview of how various organisations operate in order to help them have a better grasp of the employment market, its requirements, and the chances available.

They also organize interactive workshops to give attendees an overview of how various organizations operate in order to help them have a better grasp of the employment market, its requirements, and the chances available.

With so many possibilities accessible to our students, choosing a major and minor is one of the most important and challenging undertakings. SSLA offers Major and Minor Counseling Sessions to assist students in making well-informed decisions.

Hostel Facilities

SSLA Pune College hostel

A home is where the heart belongs for a while, and in an unfamiliar city, every student wishes for a friendly domicile. Viman Nagar and its environs are almost like an additional campus for SSLA students and Symbiosis college students, with students in every corner.

The girl's hostel is conveniently located near the college building and consists of furnished rooms, a mess serving four meals a day, lounge areas, kitchens, and laundry facilities; living in the vicinity of the campus, in a vibrant community, is an excellent jumpstart to students' learning experience in SSLA; Among the less obvious things, there is a beauty parlor, which saves them both time and money!

Student Life

The students are given ample opportunities to explore their capabilities beyond books. There is an array of clubs and committees available for the student to be a part of. The college hosts a creative, innovative, and collaborative environment.

Every student is nurtured, and their true potential is recognised. The students learn various skills through activities like sports, music, and more. Students participate in a community outreach project in addition to their academic coursework. This outreach project tries to get students involved in social justice issues. The COP strives to develop students into caring, ethical, and critical thinkers who will contribute responsibly to their communities and society.

Infrastructural Brilliance

SSLA Pune College campus

The campus at SSLA is home to creativity, knowledge, and much more. Every corner of the campus is designed carefully, keeping in mind the convenience of the students. Spacious classrooms, library, sports area, seminar halls, and more for students to learn and have fun at the same time.

It is strategically located at Viman Nagar, enabling students to experience no difficulty in getting anything that they need. Study with ease and explore the best in you at SSLA.

SSLA is a school that enables students to achieve their dreams and get real success.

Register for the SET exam to get an opportunity to study at SSLA and shape your future!