Step Into The Symbiosis World - Know More About SSE Pune College!

Symbiosis school economics (SSE) Pune college overview

SET exams are about to take place which is mandatory for Symbiosis admission 2022. While you prepare, here are all the details about one of the best colleges for Economics.

Symbiosis School of Economics was founded in 2008, is a bright, young, vibrant, and rising institution with a track record of achievement. This specialised institute aims to foster intellectual discipline, critical and analytical thinking, and logical thinking, as well as a grasp of the necessity for constrained optimization and a strong desire to achieve equilibrium. We pursue these goals at SSE Pune in a learning environment dedicated to academic freedom and excellence.

B.Sc (Economics) Honour

It is a three-year full-time graduate programme. It strives to convey knowledge in order to keep the program "traditional," while also addressing the program's flaws and limits.

Unlike standard economics degree programmes, the programme includes a wide range of 'out of the box' courses such as Accounts, Environmental Economics, International Relations, Indian Political Economy, Research Methodology, and so on. This gives pupils an advantage over their peers in terms of critical thinking, logical analysis, and in-depth knowledge of important economic issues.

We want to produce a class of Economics graduates that are equipped not just with a strong foundation in economic theory, but also with the abilities needed to face and analyse real-world business and economic situations.

MSc Economics

A Master's degree in Economics with a strong grounding in Economic Theory, Mathematics, Statistics, and Econometrics, as well as contemporary economics, is the foundation for gaining specialised knowledge in related subjects and subfields of Economics.

Economists recognise the importance of quantitative skills; courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Sampling Theory, Survey Design, and Computer Science are all beneficial in honing the knowledge required of a candidate who has chosen this field. Our MSc in Economics is mostly quantitative in style and approach.

The programme offers a comprehensive approach to comprehending and applying economic theories, as well as their application to economic modelling and forecasting in the actual world.

The primary goal of the SSE curriculum is to prepare students to apply economic ideas in real-life situations and to prepare students for additional inter-disciplinary specialities. The curriculum is meant to prepare students for careers in public and private corporations, banking and financial services, government, consultancy, academia, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in India and overseas.

Advanced Economic Theory, Econometrics, International Economics, and Development Economics, among other topics, are currently available through SSE.

Role of Faculty of SSE

SSE Pune college faculty

Higher education is essential for effective economic development and improved living standards. SSE offers Undergraduate and Graduate (international norm) Economics programmes in which students gain the intellectual and professional skills necessary for success in life and work, as well as leadership. The faculty members play a very essential role in the success of the students.

The course content is tough, and the technique is both descriptive and investigative, connecting students to all aspects of economic life through multiple perspectives – micro, macro, and global settings. The goal is to develop a class of students capable of incorporating innovation and pragmatism into every aspect of their lives.

The programme prepares students for a variety of occupations due to its multidisciplinary nature. Despite the challenging environment, there is plenty of room for innovation, creativity, and student initiatives. It's a never-ending voyage of scholarly endeavours.

The Faculty members come with a bag full of knowledge and experience, enhancing the students' journey. They teach with utmost care and thoughtfulness, ensuring the maximum output from the students. The teachers give the students a holistic experience, preparing them to take over life after college. The curriculum is industry-relevant and goes beyond an exclusive experience.

Infrastructural Brilliance for the geniuses on campus

SSE Pune college infrastructure

SSE Pune understands the value of campus life during graduation years. A well-equipped campus can encourage students to be more focused and achieve comprehensive development in themselves.

The students can experience a whole new world on the SSE campus which hosts an array of facilities that facilitate modern education. From a library to sports area to health facilities, the campus encompasses everything a student will need.

Hostel Facilities - Students can avail the hostel facilities for residential programmes. The rooms are well equipped with basic facilities. It is spacious enough and offers a comfortable and secure stay for the students.

All About The Student’s Life!

SSE Pune college classroom

The yearly intake of students is 150 and each student is given the appropriate time and Co-curricular activities are not only a fun take on building life skills While the college carefully builds the curriculum for all its programmes and keeps it industry-relevant, but they also plan their extracurricular activities thoughtfully as well. From clubs to associations, there are multiple committees led by the students themselves. The college also promotes entrepreneurship through an entrepreneurial club. Throughout the year there are events that enable students to go beyond the classroom and become complete professionals with skills and knowledge. From debates to the theatre to Photography, every talent is welcomed here.

Placements and Packages - Rewarding your hardwork with opportunities!

The Placement Cell seeks to maintain cordial relationships with firms by following a set of norms and standards. The Placement Cell is responsible for planning the year's recruitment programme, inviting companies to campus for pre-placement talks followed by final placements, and managing the process from start to finish.

Symbiosis School of Economics' Placement Cell works closely with its faculty adviser to provide a platform for students seeking employment to interact with potential recruiters on campus. Business etiquette and grooming instructions are given, teaching the students how to work in a professional and mutually respected environment.

Final Placements at SSE are regarded as a critical component of educational achievement and are given top consideration. The placement-related work agenda is overseen by the Director and a team of highly trained senior academics.

The average package is of 8 to 9 lakhs per anum. The list of companies that come for the recruitment drive is as impressive as it can get.

There are an array of activities the placement cell and the college organises to prepare the students for the corporate world.


As part of their education, all B.Sc. and M.Sc. students are expected to do an internship. The Placement Cell aids students with internship applications. The internship's goal is to broaden the student's viewpoint and assist them in comprehending the real-world implications of theoretical frameworks learnt in class. It provides students with the opportunity to learn about and appreciate real-world difficulties in research and industry.

The selection procedure for internships begins in December. Written tests, student research papers, and personal interviews are usually used to make decisions. Students must submit a project report from their internship and present it to a panel of faculty members for review. The results of the students' internships are used to create the final CGPA.

Professional Guidance

SSE has a comprehensive system in place to guide students through various placement activities. For both pre-placement and placements, one of the primary activities of the placement cell is career counselling. The placement cell provides information on numerous work options as well as expert sessions to prepare students for both public and private sector employment.

Development of Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential for a student's overall growth. The placement cell organises and leads several seminars for students on general personality development.

Writing and Reviewing a CV

Students obtain expert feedback from a CV writing and review exercise that they don't generally get from HR managers. The personalised review assists students in improving their present CV and, ultimately, landing their desired job.

Symbiosis School of Economics is one of the most reputed colleges that offers a comprehensive educational experience. Give your career the right start and fill in the SET application form today. Only a few days left for you to make the right move!