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Symbiosis centre for media & communication (SCMC) Pune college overview

Today Mass Communication has gained massive popularity. The course is a great way to enter the most popular industries of journalism, advertising, marketing, and more. India hosts an array of colleges and universities, but very few give a comprehensive mass communication course.

One of the finest colleges for mass communication is Symbiosis College of Mass Communication (SCMC). The college is a part of the Symbiosis International Deemed University and has been popular and renowned since the beginning. The Symbiosis, Pune admissions have started, and you would not want to miss a detail.

As the registrations for the SET exam have already begun, we would like to walk you through SCMC, Pune. The SET exam date for 2023 is the 6th of May, 2023, on Saturday.

Welcome to the world of opportunities at SCMC, Pune

SCMC, Pune is one of the top colleges for mass communication and has been delivering the best knowledge to aspiring media professionals. It is known for its absolutely industry-relevant curriculum, helping young minds to begin their career with better knowledge and opportunities.

Symbiosis College of Mass Communication, Pune is famous for many reasons but let us tell you some of the essential things that will help you understand how the college can be your perfect platform:


Faculty members at SCMC are highly qualified and experienced. They give a holistic view of the industry and train the students to become qualified professionals of tomorrow. They conduct plenty of classes and activities to impart knowledge of top quality.

Their experience helps in planning a curriculum that is relevant and comprehensive in nature. The study tours and field trips planned by the college and faculty members weave a fruitful experience.


SCMC Pune college infrastructure

SCMC, Pune offers infrastructural brilliance to the students, complementing their overall learning experience. The campus is designed in the best possible way, giving the students several opportunities and corners to be creative and innovative.

From the gym to accommodation to the college’s location in Pune, each has its own charm. The campus is empowered with wifi and separate spaces for all kinds of activities, enhancing students’ experience at every step.

Placements and Packages

SCMC, Pune has been associated with the industry for several years, helping students to achieve their dream jobs from the beginning. Many big companies and industry experts are always guiding students and recruiting for a plethora of roles.

The college gives an opportunity to earn salaries that match industrial standards and sometimes more than that. Many companies look forward to recruiting students from SCMC, Pune because of the qualification & quality of students.

Student Life

Every student here is treated as the leader of tomorrow. A variety of cultural events, tours, field trips, internship programs, and more are organized, enabling students to explore their true potential. All three years are a journey where students discover their abilities and caliber with time and prepare themselves to enter the industry. The students are taught to take up leadership roles and are trained to add value in every sphere of life.

They get ample opportunities to create and innovate programs and work in fests and events, getting trained in soft skills with hands-on experience.


The internships are typically taken by students between semesters to combine classroom learning with on-the-job experience. Students must do two development sector internships and two industry internships as part of the project module.

The Development Sector Internships expose students to challenges at the grassroots level and equip them with the experience they need to become socially committed and sensitized media professionals. Students work with a variety of NGOs and volunteer organizations, both large and small.

The students have direct exposure to the industry, hands-on instruction, work experience, and the opportunity to refine their skills under the supervision of professionals through industry internships. The students intern with companies in their field of specialization during their final year. Many of the students have been hired as full-time employees at the places where they interned in the past.

Extra-curricular Activities and Events

SCMC Pune college Extra-curricular Activities and Events

Maadhyam - the literary fest to ‘Enterprise’ programs to study tours, SCMC, Pune is one of the most happening colleges in the country. It hosts activities and events to give students the opportunity to hone skills that go beyond the four walls of the classrooms.

All about the Course - B.A. in Mass Communication

B.A. in Mass Communication is a three-year full-time course spaced over six semesters. Known for quality education, this course has an industry-relevant curriculum and incorporates theoretical and practical lectures. The sheer aim of the program is to transform young minds into professionals with knowledge and values.

The Mass Communication course encompasses experiential learning for better understanding and grasping of all the aspects of the field.

A variety of field trips, study tours, industry projects, clubs, cultural events, and more give the students an experience of a lifetime. The college builds leaders of tomorrow by giving them various opportunities to take the lead.

The following are the program outcomes for Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication's three-year full-time B.A. Mass Communication program -

1. Theoretical and Historical Perspectives: Understand and apply communication concepts and theories, as well as the history and evolution of media forms and the role of professionals and institutions in shaping communications.

2. Communication that works: By transferring knowledge and experience gained in the classroom and simulated environments and applying it to real-world circumstances, write accurately and effectively in forms and styles suited for the communications professions, audiences, and goals they serve.

3. Diversity and Sustainability: Demonstrate an awareness of the diversity of peoples, regions, countries, and cultures, as well as the importance and influence of communications in solving local and global environmental, sustainability, and resource management challenges.

4. Service and Development Orientation: Gain a better grasp of the communication needs of emerging societies, build empathy and understanding, and become a voice for underserved and voiceless populations.

5. Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, and Research: Apply their knowledge and expertise in the actual world to solve complex problems; think critically, creatively, and independently; and do research relevant to their communications careers.

6. Professionalism and Ethics: Demonstrate an awareness of professional, ethical standards in governance and management, and act professionally and ethically in pursuit of truth, honesty, and justice.

7. Technology Application: In both non-digital and digital communications, the use of modern tools and technology is applicable to diverse media and communications professions for production, creative design, and research.

8. Leadership, Management, and Teamwork: Develop leadership abilities, business acumen, managerial skills, and the ability to work effectively in teams in preparation for self-employment, entrepreneurship, and/or contributing to organizations' productivity, efficiency, and bottom lines.

9. Lifelong Learning: Maintain knowledge and skills in accordance with evolving media and communications domain requirements; cultivate adaptability and a desire to learn for the rest of one's life.

10. Values and Ethics: Maintain and enhance SIU's key cultural and professional values in their everyday work and lifestyles, as well as in their future professional and personal lives, while participating in the program.

The structure of the course:

  1. Multidisciplinary and Foundation - The Foundation cluster is a group of obligatory courses for all students, regardless of their major choice. They are clearly intended to provide a multidisciplinary viewpoint.
  2. Integrated: Core & Interdisciplinary Cluster - The Core interdisciplinary cluster is a collection of common courses with a strong focus on skills, professional inputs, and cross-disciplinary material.
  3. Specialisation Concentration Cluster - The final-year specialization cluster focuses on specific professional fields that a student may like to pursue later in his or her career.

How to Apply?

SET is the Symbiosis entrance test that one has to take to get into SCMC, Pune. Please visit this link to know the actual form-filling process - SET application form process

Important Dates:



Registration / Payment closes on

April 16, 2023 (Sunday)

Admit Card Live on (

April 22, 2023 (Saturday) for SET Test 01

April 28, 2023 (Friday) for SET Test 02

SET Test 2023 (CBT Mode)

  • SLAT
  • SET

May 06, 2023 (Saturday) and May 14, 2023 (Sunday)

  • 09.00 am to 10.00 am
  • 11.30 am to 12.30 pm
  • 02.00 pm to 03.00 pm

Announcement of Result

May 24, 2023 (Wednesday)