Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA in just Seventh year of its inception has carved a niche for itself in the academic circuits. It has become a celebrated name amongst the aspirants of professional legal education. It holistically promotes academic excellence, intellectual discipline and professional leadership. Being a constituent of Symbiosis International University, it envisions the reputation of Symbiosis in and around Delhi, the constitutional capital of India. SLS-NOIDA is strategically located in the industrial hub of NCR thereby opening up a plethora of opportunities for the budding lawyers.

SLS-NOIDA strives towards supplementing reforms in the field of law; to groom students to become the unified face of our legal fraternity, to produce knowledge disseminators and to produce individuals who are the torchbearers of the legal system of the country. Our effort is aimed at producing an intellect that believes in reforming rather than punishing and has the potential of hoisting the flag of truth and justice in an unfailing manner.

SLS-NOIDA, in its effort to holistically develop the personality of its learners, has formulated various cells including Research & Publication Cell, Moot Court Society, Legal Aid Center, Training & Placement Cell, Environmental and Social Welfare Cell, Cultural Cell, Sports Cell, Debate Society, Literary Society and International Law Students Association (ILSA) Chapter & Enactus Chapter. These cells not only groom student-leadership but also provide wider opportunities for their overall development in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

SLS-NOIDA believes in orienting the student’s intellect towards the attainment of their goals by creating assiduous environment of innovative learning and inter-disciplinary knowledge. The faculty and the students work together towards the accretion and dissemination of knowledge. The pedagogy is designed to haul out the best in each student. To add to the experience of the students and the faculty, theoretical learning coupled with practical exposure provides the right blend of success to the learners at SLS-NOIDA. SLS-NOIDA organizes weekly lectures under the banner of ‘Extension Lecture Series’ delivered by multi-disciplinary academicians, legal luminaries and corporate honchos. These lectures are extremely instrumental in providing the students with the challenges awaiting them in their career (To know more visit

SLS-NOIDA’s strive for ‘International Understanding through Quality Education’ is proven by conduct of in workshops/seminars/conference/moot court with academic and professional partners of National and International repute which includes: National Conference on Interlinking of Legal Aid Centers: April 19, 2016: In association with National Legal Services Authority (NALSA); General Counsel Manthan 2016 and India International Legal Conclave: August 12-15, 2016: In association with Corporate Counsel Association of India (CCAI) at Thimphu, Bhutan; Sadgamaya-Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA GST Lecture Series, 2016: August 20 and September 03, 2016: In association with Sadgamaya; Seminar on Competition Law and Its interface with Enterprise: October 05, 2016: In association with Alumni of King’s College London. In addition, it has established mutual cooperation including faculty and student exchange with Institutes/Universities of international repute including Michigan State University School of Law –USA, Northumbria University School of Law- UK, Berlin School of Law and Economics – Germany and Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada (in the pipeline). It also has instituted International Law Student Association (ILSA) Chapter in 2013; and Enactus Chapter in 2014. Enactus Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA is proudly associated with Enactus Macquarie University, Sydney in their project ‘Asha Ki Kiran’ which aims at empowering the female acid attack victims by improving their livelihood. They also have won ‘KPMG’ and ‘Wal-Mart’ grants for their projects.

SLS-NOIDA strives to inculcate research aptitude in learners by constantly acquainting them with historical judgments, Case analysis/discussions and legal web bases. The learners at SLS-NOIDA are adept at courtroom etiquettes and advocacy skills through courtroom and related exercises such as Moot Court, Mock Trials, Drafting of Pleadings and Client Counseling. (To know more about the achievements, visit Mooters have, as a result, won several accolades for the Law School including India’s representation in 21st Annual International Environmental Moot Court Competition International Finals to be held in Gulfport, Florida - USA at the end of March 2017 by SLS NOIDA team – Mr. Shreyas Edupuganti, Mr. Prayank Jain and Ms. Madhavi Agarwal.

Research is the culture on which tomorrow’s professionals at SLS-NOIDA thrive. In 2014-2016, in total 309 research papers of learners have been accepted for presentation and/or publication at number of National/International Seminars /Conferences/Workshop/Symposiums/ Round Table Conferences. (To know more, visit In addition, reports on varied research projects were published and released including - Research Project ‘Empirical Study on Implementation of Wildlife Protection Laws in India’ on October 08, 2016 at the hands of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shiva Kirti Singh, Judge, Supreme Court of India which includes analysis of Data collected from around two hundred District Courts during the period 1990-2010; from more than one hundred Forest Divisions, from the O/o Chief Conservator of Forests of various states, and from Wildlife Crime Control Bureau and further from ‘appeals’ that were filed before various High Courts in India. (To know more about Publications, visit

SLS-Noida also makes ample use of technology for the benefit of its learners. Called The Curiosity Project, it is the first of its kind where online systems have been used for meaningful administrative automation and improved learning methodologies.

Vision and Mission

SIU Vision

  • Promoting international understanding through quality education.

SIU Mission

  • To inculcate the spirit of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family)
  • To contribute towards knowledge generation and dissemination
  • To impart ethical and value-based learning
  • To foster the spirit of national development
  • To cultivate cross-cultural sensitivities
  • To develop global competencies amongst students
  • To nurture creativity and encourage entrepreneurship
  • To enhance employability and contribute to human resource development
  • To promote health and wellness amongst students, staff & community
  • To instil sensitivity towards community and environmental concerns


Learning is an experience at SLS-NOIDA supported by its state of the art research support systems and resources enabling learners to pursue excellence in becoming the torchbearers of law.


SLS-NOIDA has state of the art 18 techno smart and spacious air-conditioned classrooms, fitted with high tech learning aides such as Projectors, Public Address System, Collar Mikes and Wi-Fi facility. The lecture halls are well engineered to reduce noise, efficient ventilation, air-cooling as well as an exterior trellis designed to maximize shade.


To support the dynamically evolving curriculum of Symbiosis Law Programme, along with traditional print resources including vast collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines, the fully air conditioned library is equipped with the best and the most updated electronic sources and technologies. It houses peaceful reading hall, research section for Mooter's Society, Online database search and research, issues and references sections, Book Bank and a compilation room.

It supports and benefits learners from privilege of Text book Gifts: one for each course in every semester for the life time; Book Bank: one text book for each course for the semester; Home Lending: two books for 07 days; Reference: any number with in campus on library card; Study Material: Study material prepared by course in charge/s. Additionally, it provides technology based learning resource with access to reading material in various forms such as Legal databases (AIR, SCC Online, Manupatra, WestLaw India, HeinOnline, JSTOR, ProQuest, Kluwer Databases (Kluwer Arbitration, Kluwer Patent, and Kluwer Competition), Ebrary, Case Centre, International Taxation – Taxman, Emerald Management e-Journals and EBSCO), Litigation Documents, Moot Court Memorials, Course Books, Research Papers, National & International Journals.

Moreover, The Library is an application provided under Curiosity where learners can access class notes, presentations and interesting online videos or articles for further study under each of their subjects. This portal is collaborative, so learners (even parents) can share any content they find interesting with each other. As every year passes, this online library keeps growing in its database, providing new batches with lots of additional content to supplement their knowledge. The Library is completely open, so students can access content from other subjects or years to satiate their curiosities.


Mooting as an activity aims to inculcate and improve the research, presentation and line of reasoning into students so as to equip the budding pleaders with all the court room etiquettes, research experience and advocacy skills. This initiative is well supported by a fully air-conditioned, tech-acoustic, and 220 capacity moot court hall equipped with proper judicial settings. Therein the presentation and reasoning skills of students are screened and notified about the areas of improvements on a regular basis.


SLS-NOIDA has well-furnished techno acoustic, and air-conditioned conference room, which can accommodate 50 people. It is widely used for conducting interactive sessions, seminars, and workshops.


SLS-NOIDA encompasses three fully air conditioned state of art Computer Labs - Lab-I: 42 seater; Lab-2: 22- seater, Lab-3 – 20 seater. All these computers have Core 2 Duo Processors with 2 GB RAM, genuine software packages such as Windows7 Operating System, equipped with Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus, Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1. All computers in these labs are connected through Gigabit LAN and controlled from the Server-Room of SLS, NOIDA; allowing excellent Internet connectivity at all points.

It supports research, training and learning initiative amongst learners by providing access to various online databases including AIR, SCC Online, LexisNexis, Manupatra, WestLaw India, HeinOnline, JSTOR, ProQuest, Kluwer Databases (Kluwer Arbitration, Kluwer Patent, and Kluwer Competition), Ebrary, Case Centre, International Taxation – Taxman, Emerald Management e-Journals, Case Centre & EBSCO.


SLS-NOIDA strongly believes in strong and positive participation of students in the learning initiatives. It supports and enables students through various cells such Research & Publication Cell; Moot Court Society, Symbiosis Legal Aid Clinic, Training & Placement Cell, Environmental and Social Welfare Cell, Cultural Cell, Sports Cell, Debate Society, Literary Society, International Law Students Association (ILSA Chapter) and Enactus Chapter. Each cell is provided with its own office spaces fitted with all aids including computer, Internet, printers and support systems at all levels.

The Amphitheatre, under Curiosity, tracks official notices and events at the campus. Students can also reach out to each other for projects, games, trips, exchanges, and any such friendly collaboration using the application.


SLS-NOIDA has added a much-needed girls’ hostel facility, on campus - just behind the academic block in the campus (Limited Seats) maintained and managed by Symbiosis Society. The residence is a model for comfort living and learning for our students. It consists of spacious living areas with Wi-Fi facility and an en-suite bathroom. Common spaces are large, airy and designed to foster work and socializing in comfort.


Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) has an excellent Health center, manned by qualified and experienced Doctor to provide emergency health services. All students are covered under a unique and novel medical insurance scheme. Modern and well-equipped gymnasium is currently under construction in campus.


Under Graduate:

BA.LL.B and BBA.LL.B (Five Years Integrated Programme)


English is the medium of instruction at SLS-NOIDA. Methods of instruction include interactive Lectures, Seminars, Group Discussions, Simulations, Plays, Case Studies, Moot Courts, Mock Trials, Small Group Workshops and TV-talk shows. In addition, under the ‘Extension Lecture Series’ banner, inspirational and instilling talks of legal luminaries on weekly basis are regular features.

The Flipped Classroom concept is employed regularly where doubts, questions for general debate, and polls are posed on The Banyan Tree, an application under Curiosity. Learners are encouraged to participate by asking posing such questions or providing opinions, and perspectives where they can. The results are then discussed in the classroom in the presence of the teacher who acts as a moderator. The Flipped Classroom initiative ensures that learning transcends the boundaries of the classroom and can happen at any time using the Internet.

Using Curiosity, Learners can also keep close track of their performance in attendance and tests to keep improving. Such information is also available to Angels – parents, guardians, siblings, and mentors who have an interest in a child’s progress.


The CGPA method of assessment is followed. In addition to the ongoing internal assessments, an external examination is conducted at the end of each semester. Internal evaluation is characterized by one project and minimum 2 of the following: Tutorial, Case Analysis, Cases and Open problems, Essays, Seminar Presentations, Viva-Voce, Quiz, Drafting, Moot Court, Mock Trial, Learning Logs/Diaries, Computer Based Assessment, Simulated Interviews, and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations. External examination is characterized by objective and subjective questions.

Regular surprise tests (online mode) will also be conducted starting from the academic year 2017-18 using Curiosity, where the students have to complete automated quizzes to test and brush up their theoretical and applied knowledge.


It is mandatory on every student from the first semester itself to undergo training during the winter and summer vacation, record of such daily work is recorded in the Internship diary provided to each student, which is later submitted to the SLS-NOIDA. Throughout the year, the Training and Placement Cell organizes training programmes to endow and improve the students with the best combination of managerial and leadership skills, to inculcate among them the courtroom or office etiquettes, research experience and advocacy skills. SLS-NOIDA provides all the facilities at all levels to assist the students for Internship and placements in offices of Advocates & Solicitors, Corporate & Cooperative houses, Tribunals & Commissions, Non-Governmental Organizations, National & Multinational Corporations, Media, Telecommunications & Entertainment industries and Judicial clerkship. The Training and Placement cell functions throughout the year and remains in touch with the aforesaid establishments through SIU alumni base. A specialized placement application under Curiosity tracks each learner’s career related progression in skills and knowledge and helps the cell be efficient in their operations.


SLS-NOIDA students are systematized as per the programme structure from the first semester itself to equip them with the right mix of knowledge and skills, to be compatible to handle professional challenges. SLS-NOIDA is in communication with and holding diverse programmes of teaching, training and placement in and outside the campus with the strong global alumni network of SIU.


BA.LL.B and BBA.LL.B (Five Years Integrated Programme) :

The candidate should have passed 12th (10+2) standard examination from any government recognized board with minimum 45% marks (40% for S.C. / S.T. student) in one attempt only (No Compartment / Supplementary). Candidate who has appeared for their H.S.C finals and awaiting results are also eligible to apply, subject to submission of passing certificate by the notified date.

Applicants who have obtained 10+2 through Open Universities system directly without having any basic qualification are not eligible for the professional Law Courses.


The total intake is 180 seats, which includes BBA.LL.B - 120 seats and BA.LL.B - 60 seats

Reservation of Seats

Within the Sanctioned Intake

Scheduled Caste: 15%

Scheduled Tribe: 7.5%

Differently Abled: 3%

Over & Above Sanctioned Intake

Jammu and Kashmir Migrants: 2 Seats per Programme

International Students: 15% (Including PIO and NRI)

Important Dates

Details Date
SET and Programme Registration Begins January 25, 2018, Thursday
Last date to apply and pay for SET April 14, 2018, Saturday
Last date of Online registration and payment for Institute


SET Admit Card Generation April 21, 2018 Saturday
SET Test May 05, 2018, Saturday
SET Result May 14, 2018, Monday
Announcement of Shortlist for Personal Interaction & Written Ability


Group Exercise, Personal Interaction & WAT


Announcement of First Merit list


Last date for payment of fees for candidates in the first merit list


Programme Commencement  


Admission Team:
Phone : +91 (0) 120 - 6515053/4
Mobile : +91(0) 9821955211/ 9599397579
Fax – +91(0) 120–2405064
Email –


Monday-Saturday: 09:00am-04:30pm


Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA
(Opposite Nokia Siemens Building)
Sector 62, Block – A,
Plot No. 47/48,
NOIDA – 201301

No capitation is charged for admission to any programme at any institute of Symbiosis.