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9 satisfying career options after Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A.)

9 satisfying career options after Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A.)

A Bachelor of Computer Application, or B.C.A., is the typical initial step into the realm of information technology. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular courses among young students in this period of technical growth, digitisation, and an epochal change to an economy based predominantly on information technology.

B.C.A. graduates can find employment in a variety of fields. Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) is a suitable education for all aspiring computer software programmers. It will lay a solid basis for programming languages. The course is one of the most popular at the undergraduate level.

One has the chance to learn about the computer world, which is essential in today's society, and coding is one of the most in-demand talents. Many students ask what to do after B.C.A.; it can offer you a strong start in the computer area. Here are some of the best career options after B.C.A.:

1.Data Scientist

It is highly sought-after employment after completing the B.C.A. course, and the field is expanding at a rapid pace. However, besides the B.C.A. degree, some extra qualifications, such as data visualisation, big data, and predictive analysis, are required to access this career. According to AmbitionBox, the typical basic yearly income for a data scientist starts at 11.0 lakhs and may go much higher.

2.Digital Marketer

With the digital marketing profession expanding at a rapid pace, B.C.A. graduates have a myriad of options. Among the duties and responsibilities are web content optimisation, marketing analytics, and search engine optimisation. Aside from B.C.A., practical experience with internet technologies is highly desirable.

3.Web Developer

B.C.A. graduates might choose this employment as a viable career path because it mostly entails constructing and managing websites. However, more qualifications and abilities like JavaScript, HTML, PHP and CSS are necessary to acquire better job offers in the sector. According to AmbitionBox, the typical basic yearly income for a web developer begins at 3.2 lakhs.

4.Cyber Security Expert

It is a highly sought-after position for many B.C.A. graduates, with the job description involving networking, application, and data security maintenance utilising complex software and tools. Opportunities will expand even further with a few extra qualifications.

5.Blockchain Developer

With the extra online qualification, you may earn a rich income in this young yet expanding area. Typical job responsibilities include working with blockchain technology tools such as the Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols, Solidity, and Java.

6.Technical Analyst

It is one of the most exciting employment opportunities after completing the B.C.A. programme. The tasks include implementing IT processes and systems to improve efficiency, recommending economic and cost-effective technology applications, and forecasting stock market movements from a technical standpoint. Additional certifications like SQL and expertise in Microsoft Office can be beneficial in obtaining greater career opportunities in the sector.

7.Software Developer

It is an entry-level role for B.C.A. grads that requires the trainee to create and manage software programmes while learning and obtaining hands-on experience in several computer programming languages. Once the software developer trainee has mastered a certain computer language, they are assigned to a corresponding project.

8.Teacher / Professor

B.C.A. students with subject-matter competence and strong academic credentials can pursue a teaching career following graduation. Many colleges, universities, and online organisations recruit B.C.A. graduates as part-time or full-time professors. The remuneration is determined by the number of teaching hours and the organisation's financial status.

9.Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly critical in today's digital world, and cloud solutions architects play a vital role in the field. B.C.A. graduates can pursue a career in this field after gaining additional experience and qualifications in cloud computing technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They design, build, and manage cloud infrastructure and ensure that it meets clients' business requirements.

If these roles interest you in pursuing B.C.A., you should really consider Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research, Pune (SICSR). The institute offers an excellent course with great placement opportunities.

SICSR is one of the most prestigious B.C.A. institutions in Pune. It combines a broad portfolio of academic IT programmes, a bright and varied student body, and devoted faculty members to give a relevant, rewarding, and distinctively symbiotic educational experience. In addition, experiential learning is incorporated within the SICSR B.C.A. programme.

Furthermore, the university takes part in community service programmes organised by professional organisations. SICSR is well-known for providing a variety of programmes to help students build leadership abilities. Students organise surveys, quizzes, and other co-curricular events to build and promote leadership abilities.

Graduates will be qualified for positions such as business analysts in application software requirement management, quality assurance, and process analysis, as well as positions in finance, marketing operations, and other areas of business administration.

All you need to do is appear for SET. Symbiosis Admission Test (SET 2023) is a university-level entrance test administered by Symbiosis International (Deemed University), a private higher education institution in Pune. The SET is a computer-based exam that includes 60 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and a written ability test.

The Symbiosis International University website now has the SET 2023 application form and information on Symbiosis Pune admission costs and eligibility. So visit SET today and choose the right career option after B.C.A.