7 Satisfying career options after completing B.A. L.L.B.

7 Satisfying career options after completing B.A. L.L.B.

Studying law helps you develop a wide range of skills and learn about many different aspects of life. It allows you to widen your views, better understand, and gain more experience in the humanities and social sciences. As a result, you obtain breadth and depth of knowledge in the various careers after B.A. L.L.B.

A law degree can help you prepare for a successful legal profession. Law's significance and professional feasibility as a career choice may be observed in how it touches every area of our everyday lives. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend the impact of the law on people's lives and how it may assist them in avoiding financial catastrophes.

Here are 7 career roles that you can take after completing your B.A. L.L.B. degree:

  1. Corporate Counsellor
  2. Litigation Attorney
  3. Cyber Law Expert
  4. Business Law
  5. Academics and Research
  6. Legal Publishing and Media
  7. Civil Service

1.Corporate Counsellor

After the L.L.B. degree, corporate businesses provide fantastic opportunities. Corporate law is one of the most appealing professions for lawyers. It is the most popular discipline of law in India.

Such specialists can counsel corporate organizations as part of the organization, as a full-time counselor, or by opening a law company and counseling various corporate companies as and when needed. Regarding the variety of alternatives available, this is one of the greatest L.L.B. career paths.

2.Litigation Attorney

This is one of the most popular careers for law graduates after receiving an L.L.B. To become a practicing advocate in courts, you must have completed an L.L.B. course. In today's world, the scope of L.L.B. is rather broad. Every law graduate must intern at a legal firm or a senior advocate. In most cases, internships last one month.

Once you have completed your internship, you must register with the State Bar Council. Clear the Bar Council of India test and obtain your certificate of practice, allowing you to begin practicing in court.

3.Cyber Law Expert

Breach of security, hostile assaults, and other fraudulent actions afflict the world of information technology. As a result, after earning an L.L.B., one of the most sought-after occupations is in cyber law.

Top organisations (both private and public) all around the world require Cyber Lawyers. Intellectual property, data protection and privacy, cybercrime, and electronic and digital signatures are among the issues that a cyber law specialist must deal with.

Cyberlaw specialists can be hired by Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Corporate Businesses, Government Firms or Public Departments, Law Firms, and Law Enforcement Agencies. A cyber lawyer's income is determined by their work profile, geography, and academic credentials.

4.Business Law

If you wish to extend your horizons, consider Business Law. Every sector demands individuals with management experience. If you have a law degree, you can pursue a master's degree in business administration. Candidates seeking L.L.B. employment opportunities will benefit from having an MBA.

Individuals who pursue an MBA after receiving an L.L.B. earn significantly more than those who only possess L.L.B. degrees. Multinational corporations, legal consultancies, newspapers, international organizations, sales tax and excise departments, and regulatory bodies provide excellent work opportunities following an L.L.B. if you also hold an MBA.

5.Academics and Research

Education holds a respectable position as one of the most sought-after careers following an L.L.B. degree. Following your B.A. L.L.B., you can pursue an L.L.M. - Master of Legislative Law degree. L.L.M. permits you to pick a specialization that will help you to become an expert in a specific sector. It also opens the door to getting a Ph.D. if you so choose. Individuals who wish to become teachers typically pursue an L.L.M.

Publishing and media are massive industries. Lawyers and legal advisers work for print and electronic media, such as newspapers and magazines. They play an important role in disseminating legal knowledge to the general population.

For example, common people cannot understand things like government legislation that are produced every year, the allocation of funding by government authorities to different sectors, the investment of huge business tycoons in other sectors, and how it would affect the economy.

A lawyer who works in the media simplifies these crucial issues and makes them clear to the general public. As a result, it is one of the most rewarding yet largely overlooked occupations following L.L.B.

7.Civil Service

Many legal graduates aspire to work in Indian government services. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), SPSC (State Public Service Commission), and other competitive exams exist. These challenging tests are stepping stones to top professions after completing your L.L.B.

These might be administrative positions in various parts of India's executive body. You can also supply legal services in the legal affairs department. You can also join the legislative council. After earning sufficient experience, individuals can apply to the Indian Government's Department of Justice.

To summarise!

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